Guadalupe Bustos is a professional photographer based out of Los Angeles. Though he is a well versed photographer who can work in multiple fields, he is widely known for the content he creates in the realm of live music. Guadalupe has served as a Content Creator, in which the photography & video that he captures is manipulated in a way that is ready for promotion & showcase via social media outlets. Different agencies have requested him to work on numerous concerts and festivals such as South By So What?!, The Vans Warped Tour, and Taste Of Chaos. Having traveled to different states across the United States for business, Guadalupe has adopted a strong sense of adapting to a variety of working environments. This is best showcased through the content that he has been able to provide throughout the extent of his career.  

He is available for hire worldwide. 

For booking inquiries please contact me at: or use contact form below.

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